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So many tourists do this with little to no interaction with the people they’re posing with.  To them, these Himba women are so odd and strange (I’ve read a substantial number of travel posts/personal blogs that attest to this) that their humanity is not apparent.  Sadly, it is not just White people, but anyone and everyone so Westernized that to them, the Himba are simple artifacts of Namibia not unlike the wild safari. 

There are of course photos that exhibit some interaction (read: the Himba/s in the shot are smiling at least), and I know the Himba are open to meeting other people and interacting with tourists.  But they are not always treated like human beings with expectations of privacy and dignity.

Their rejection of western culture is not why the Himba people receive this treatment.  Let’s be clear about that.  It is because of their lack of proximity to white supremacy.  Being non-European is an oddity that must either be ogled or exterminated, whether you’re in Namibia or the US, whether you’re bare-chested in Windhoek or walking down the street in Ferguson, Missouri.  Not even money and fame can protect you from the standard shame of being Black.

Being Black is treated as a situation one only employs away from “civilization”, even in Africa.  Our existence is not accepted in the current world as is as this video shows.  A Himba man must fold and stash his culture (read: soul) away in order to shine outside and he is lauded as “exceptional”. 

This photo set makes me hate white people more than I already do.

I get that most white people are rude to people different from them and are uneducated in cultures that are not their own, but isn’t everyone like that in some degree? I understand it is more prominent with the white people because they tend to be the worst and so on, but please remember some white people are aware and kind and feel as disgusted as you do these types of things. The hating on all white people because of the ones you don’t like is unfair to those of us who do try to make an effort and those that are making an effort, it’s just a bad as them hating or being rude to others not like them.

Sorry if you dislike what I say but after a while it just sucks to see people hating on white people because they are so rude and blah blah blah or hating on all cops because of ones that are bad. There is good and evil and hating on all including the good because of the few, many or one evil is unfair to the good in any and every situation.

I do however agree with you that these people in these photos are horrible in this regard and how they treat the Himba, but hating “white people more than” you already do because of these few people is unfair to people like me who would not act in that manner. Weather you meant it or not you make me feel like I am hated for the fact that I am white because of something they did and something I have not. Is that the same or similar way you guys all feel when “white people” say or do things to someone because they are not the same color as them? I’m sorry that the second and third party hates on a whole group of ANY TYPE OF PERSON because of of that one or few people from the first party that decided to hate on people from the second and third parties.

We are not responsible for the actions of others so do not condemn us for those actions taken by them. Do not judge me or anyone else for the actions of one person that we do not know but for our own actions and our decisions that we make ourselves.

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